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The DryCard is low cost humidity indicator that change colour in response to relative humidity card for monitoring relative humidity (RH).  The reusable indicator paper can measure the RH of ambient air or of the inside of a container.  For simply monitoring storage suitability, no conversion is necessary, as the colour of the indicator paper can be related directly to the potential storability of the commodity, as shown on the DryCard.

By enclosing a DryCard inside of a moisture-proof container containing a sample of the commodity or embedding it in the commodity mass quickly estimates the effective relative humidity (ERH) and therefore the risk for mycotoxin accumulation or insect damage.

This is a very inexpensive and convenient way to estimate the ERH of the product in the field during drying or in storage.

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DryCardTM is a cost effective instrument developed by UC Davis Horticulture Innovation Lab for monitoring ambient relative humidity (RH).  It has a laminated RH indicator strip with an adjacent RH scale for durability and convenience.  The back of the strip is exposed to allow equilibration of the ambient air and the chemical strip changes color in response to the ambient RH. 

In a humid climate, it is not enough to just dry a commodity (dried food or seeds); commodity must also be packaged to prevent rehydration from rain or the ambient air.  Research suggested that one-third of our total food produced is lost before reacing the consumer(1) and the lack of management of the dryness of food stores is responsible for wide distribution of mycotoxins in the African food and feed system.  In general, poor postharvest storage conditions are a major cause of mycotoxin contamination of the human diet(2). 

While there are devices available in the market measuring temperture and/or RH (analogue or digital), the DryCardTM provides a much more convenient, intuitive and low cost method for constant RH monitoring.  Simply place the DryCardTM inside a sealed transparent container and allow the front end of the card to be visually seen from outside of the container, the RH of the ambient air inside the sealed container will be indicated by the color of the indicator strip (see sample photo ).

By including various drying agents or dessicants inside the sealed container, ensuring the RH of the ambient air inside to be below RH 65%, growth of any fungi will be contained.  Application: Dried food and seeds storage



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