Stingless Beekeeping & Honey Soap Making Workshop


In support by Chiangmai Maejo University, Ajarn Nutpachara, Khun Surasak and his nephew of Chiang Mai, Stingless Bee Warawut Farm (ชันโรงเชียงใหม่ by วราวุฒิฟาร์ม), the Warm Heart Eco-Learning Center will be hosting a stingless beekeeping workshop (Thai/Eng) at the Warm Heart Foundation in Phrao, Chiangmai, Thailand.

Date: May 27, 2023 (9 am – 1 pm)

Venue: The Warm Heart Foundation (location)

Language: Thai (supplemented in English)

Presenter: Assistant Prof. Nutpachara Theanworrakant, Mr. Surasak Kaprema, and Mr. Warawut Boonchuchoy


​Stingless beekeeping (Tetragonula Pegdenii and Tetragonula Laviceps presentation. Historical, what is the importance of stingless bees, the role of the bees in biodiversity, nature, and the environment?

​How can farmers profit from stingless beekeeping from its honey, propolis, from making natural facial honey soap?

In summary, this workshop is for those interested in raising stingless bees.

Workshop Agenda

  • Introduction to stingless beekeeping
  • Preparation and demonstration for setting up the stingless bee hives
  • Break
  • Making honey soap
  • Lunch

Lunch and snacks will be provided.

Cost: Basic cost covering lunch and snacks for the workshop.

Any donation to the Warm Heart Foundation will be most welcome.

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