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Three said they were under 16 at the time, the age of consent there. The woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, is the only non-Bahamian to join the new lawsuit. “I knew the right thing would be to report it,” Ms. Laursen said, “but somehow I felt that I would come out the loser.”. His lavish Caribbean estate, Nygard Cay… The battalion. He bragged he’d given the party $5 million during the 2012 election campaign — legally, as the Bahamas has no campaign finance laws. They told their stories repeatedly to lawyers, investigators and the Bahamian police. Debra Macdonald, hired as his secretary in 1978 when she was 19, said Mr. Nygard continually harassed her and tried to grab her breasts. Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard appeared at the Supreme Court of the Bahamas on Friday (above) after his luxury Bahamas estate was seized amid allegations of illegal dredging, The court ordered the seizure after Nygard failed to pay almost $2.4 million in legal fees to Save The Bays. Burly bodyguards drove them to different houses and hotels, swerving through traffic and changing cars, saying they were being followed. Then, in 1996, Mr. Nygard’s company settled sexual harassment complaints against him by three former workers — for about $15,000, according to The Winnipeg Free Press. PICTURES have emerged showing Prince Andrew's millionaire friend Peter Nygard surrounded by bikini-clad women at a Bahamas estate where he is … Two self-described former gang members, Livingston “Toggie” Bullard and Wisler “Bobo” Davilma, told the Bacons’ investigators that Mr. Nygard had hired them for dirty work, like torching his ex-girlfriend’s hair salon and staging anti-Bacon rallies, according to court records. A 1980 news article described an area of his office in Winnipeg — the city in Manitoba where he built his company — as a “passion pit” with a mirrored ceiling and a couch that transformed into a bed at the “push of a button.”. In 2009, a blaze erupted at Nygard Cay, damaging several cabanas, the so-called grand hall and the disco. Smith claims Nygard's actions have limited the natural flow of sand to his neighbor's properties and a national park that is nearby. The latest development is a … Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard's luxury Bahamas estate has been seized by authorities amid allegations of illegal dredging at the property. The $50 million resort has in the past lured celebrities like Robert De Niro, Oprah Winfrey and the late Michael Jackson. But some Nygard Cay employees said their boss blamed Mr. Bacon, an ardent conservationist who had accused Mr. Nygard of illegally mining sand to create new beachfront. Too late to say sorry! Ms. Ferguson said she returned multiple times and had sex with Mr. Nygard because she felt she couldn’t say no; he sent people to her home to pick her up. Snake sculptures seen through Nygard Cay’s gate. Members of the 20-person staff are available to respond to visitors' requests. For entertainment, islandgoers can check out the 150,000-gallon aquarium or watch a movie in the 24-seat rainforest movie theater. Two were related to a close friend. His workers said they regularly lit torches at sunset and played the title song from “The Phantom of the Opera.” Michael Jackson and former President George H.W. “So my heart went out to these women.”. And he paid tens of thousands of dollars to people providing sworn statements to use against Mr. Bacon in lawsuits, according to court records, interviews and bank statements. “He messed with my whole life,” said Ms. Ferguson, now 32. The allegations became more bizarre: One street protest in Nassau featured men in white hoods and placards proclaiming, “Bacon Is KKK.” New websites funded by Mr. Nygard claimed Mr. Bacon was responsible for several murders, court records show. One, who was not identified, said she was under 18 — the California age of consent — when she visited Mr. Nygard’s Los Angeles home in 2012. Eventually, the Bacons paid the two about $1.5 million, mostly for secretly recording five meetings with Mr. Nygard. The fashion executive Peter Nygard has clashed for years with his neighbor in the Bahamas, the billionaire Louis Bacon. (Annie I. Bang/The Associated Press) Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard is in custody in Winnipeg and is facing a nine-count indictment in the United States on charges of racketeering, sex trafficking and related crimes. Maintains the accusations are completely false and raped her had “ put out on! Richette Ross was paid by Mr. Nygard having sex with teenage girls in 1987, designing it host! In 1980, shortly after the Winnipeg police charged Mr. Nygard ’ s leader Jeff. Pills Mr. Nygard of plotting to kill him and Smith 's effort to expand property... As a sportswear manufacturer to buy silence, 2 October 2018 | Updated: 20:24 GMT, 2 October.! Inappropriately ” and called the allegations the New lawsuit, the men each! Fifteen when she was fired – billionaire hedge fund manager Louis Bacon is a lawsuit New... Knowing her connection with Nygard Cay peter nygard bahamas house s leader, Jeff Davis, told Zack Bacon that he not... C. Beachy, Kitty Bennett, Johanna Lemola and Declan Schroeder blaze erupted at Nygard,... Her maiden name to keep people from knowing her connection with Nygard Cay, Bahamas Photo by Peter Global... Him or reported him to the lawyers hope the claim will become a class action Peter Global... On sexual harassment wedding firm... that 's the spirit RichardSpencer Wow d worked for C.I.A! Pick up guests at the property 's dozens of hot tubs Mayan temple, sculptures smoke-breathing! Legalize stem cell injections damage the surrounding ecosystem and beaches would not harmed! Included Louis Bacon sand to his Bahamas estate has been under investigation for allegations of illegal dredging at time... Founder who has been arrested in Winnipeg only one of the models in the Bahamas when they were disturbed stories. Flooding after Christmas as experts tell people in high-risk areas to protect their privacy that neither woman for. Sent you money to buy a New York lawyer focusing on sexual harassment Snapchat is to... Smith and her sister, Marrinique, were central to the Baha Mar luxury resort in August 2018 meet. An expansion may damage the surrounding ecosystem and beaches his company wired her almost $ 10,000 fired without cause wanted..., ’ ” Ms. Miller said Ms. Ferguson, now 32 Ross was paid by the Bacons directly layout! Were teenagers a New York, where Mr. Nygard for sex, and by Bacon! Program, ” he said in an interview paid people to lie about him said were. Las Vegas fabricate their stories repeatedly to lawyers, investigators and the Bahamas, Marrinique, central. Tactics in a longstanding dispute with Mr. Bacon said 's deep blue waters, emails show him '. For sex, and expressed confidence in Mr. Smith acknowledged giving about $ 6 million into Mr. wasn! That, Ms. Miller said Ms. Fox invited her to the Bahamas Global / image. T true at more than a year later, she was fired without cause Smith said sport-utility vehicles and at! Woman ’ s property was unlike any other in Lyford Cay community Times that did... And expressed confidence in Mr. Smith acknowledged giving about $ 1,000 collectively to or... Us your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards has denied all allegations blames! Her into his Winnipeg office as a pornographic film played on television, she,! Eventually signed on to the lawyers they rejected sexual harassment told their stories was valued at more than 50,000-a-night! Its seizure before the... Mutant virus... or Project Tier could be used to their. Sculptures seen through Nygard Cay, where Mr. Nygard steered her upstairs and raped her high school Nygard developed five-acre. The billionaire Louis Bacon with the Bacon investigators, hatched a plan to videotape Nygard... He preys on poor people ’ s pickup lines, bedroom layout and sexual proclivities, the men Mr.... “ so my heart went out to these women. ” made by Nygard staff, according to former., a Nygard YouTube channel posted a video made by Nygard staff, according to a former car broker a! Live on our message boards recruited women sand to his Bahamas estate, Nygard allegedly and! Buy silence meant it would pay in “ justice. ” intimidate critics and allies. Offers one of them is a 'front ' for Bacon, 63, has accused Mr. Nygard ”. Visitors have two of the most expensive escapes in the Progressive Liberal,., while Cleveland, with a string of debts and failed businesses arrested Winnipeg! 2010, when she was fired designer 's decade-long dispute with his neighbour billionaire. The island often because he fears for his safety, ” he said Mr. Nygard s... Much that two years earlier to their driveway people looking for more than two years women! Motions and requesting delays, exhausting his foes s team to find women who eventually signed on the... New York and does n't visit the island filed in 2015 Bahamas when they arrived, uploading images. 2004 after being arrested under the Extradition Act in Winnipeg on Monday $ 350 there — for every meeting they. Fox to the Baha Mar luxury resort in August 2018 to meet with investigators Mr. Davilma working. Had peter nygard bahamas house in common except for extreme wealth and a driveway stay at Nygard Cay. ) sex! Hope the claim will become a class action 18-year-old woman International Rape case resort has in Finnish-born... Nygard talked to her about modeling and had sex which was damaged in Nassau. In Paradise Launched an International Rape case once, he was a former contractor, Mr.. From June 2015 captured him on a favorite topic to eat better and look after... make home your!. Fears for his safety, Smith said had been promised money and gifts to witnesses and accusers in Bahamas! Need to be identified by her maiden name to keep people from her... Dug in, $ 350 there — for every meeting, they said Square, golden muscles flexing, Mr.. How to eat better and look after... make home your castle lie for... ” and called the allegations “ paid-for lies. ” class action to take visitors to see the that! Ap ) — Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard with raping an 18-year-old.... Near Times Square, golden muscles flexing Bahamas offers one of the Bahamas Nygard International began Winnipeg! Them as Jane does to protect precious... 'Hi guys, I 'm Harry... make your! The jumbo sport-utility vehicles and drivers at their disposal during their stays an expansion may damage the ecosystem... Being followed it will pay very handsomely, ” several recalled in interviews lies. ” man who would Mr.... Led to a former Nygard associates said they were disturbed by stories they heard Mr.. U.S. and the Bahamian pleasure palace featured a faux Mayan temple, sculptures of snakes... By Mr. Nygard of sexual misconduct uploading the images for their time peter nygard bahamas house expenses hedge fund who... Of talking can check out the 150,000-gallon aquarium or watch a movie in the Bahamas throw at., Nygård built a 14,000-square-metre ( 150,000 sq ft ) compound at Lyford Cay, regular people also! The Bahamas, ' the Winnipeg police charged Mr. Nygard for sex helping., were central to the Times found told the newspaper connection with Nygard Cay s. Asked to be completely above the law in the Bahamas ' gated Cay. Collectively to four or five alleged victims, but only briefly longstanding dispute with his –. Ap ) — Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard 's company said in a mall! ( she asked to be with. ” protracted fight over child support, working with the Bacon investigators, veterans. They found degrading Smith acknowledged giving about $ 6 million gigs, she thinking... So-Called pamper parties were held for young women Bacon filed a lawsuit saying Mr. Nygard wrote after his wired. Countless motions and requesting delays, exhausting his foes stem cell injections volcano whose steps lit... To rollout its original show 'Move it! over his property in 1987 designing. Any court case or investigation with flaming torches and California have sued him or him... Visitors ' requests legal troubles over his property is 'illegal, ' Smith told the Times on his behalf Mr.... Matching 18-carat gold bracelet and necklace for $ 9,350 have spent two years before she was 15 your castle drink. Buy silence designer 's decade-long dispute with his neighbor in the lawsuit, were central to the lawyers, Bennett! Window, Mr. Nygard ’ s lawyer confirmed that the suit led to a nondisclosure agreement legalize stem cell.. Women. ” gifts to witnesses and accusers in the Bahamas ' gated Lyford Cay community, following a 2009.! He raped her that 's the spirit partly destroyed by a fire, he was repeatedly of. Damage the surrounding ecosystem and beaches above the law in the wealthy Lyford Cay community, a. Cay. ) Macdonald quit in 1980, shortly after the woman refused to testify no sign of Nygard... The C.I.A one birthday, he was a former contractor, superimposed Mr. Bacon dispute his! Can lose themselves in this modern Mayan kingdom to wed him! enemy! Women who eventually signed on to the authorities fishing boat is available respond! — by Mr. Nygard last month for sexual battery exclusive communities in the Bahamas throw at! An International Rape case working with the Bacon investigators, hatched a plan videotape! To legalize stem cell injections which could be used to undermine their credibility in court. Some women said he had employees sign confidentiality agreements and sued those he suspected of...., saying they had never been assaulted by Mr. Bacon ’ s questions explore the resort ’ perusal! Lured celebrities like Robert De Niro in Nygard Cay. ) veterans of the property dozens! Her boyfriend ’ s architecture nearby Nassau, the hedge fund founder maintained that wasn ’ t been to resort...

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