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The Blue Claw Co Dopp is the perfect size for traveling. Bespoke Post Subscription Box Review “Dwell” It’s funny, I subscribe to quite a few male-oriented boxes (as a woman) because they seem to have the best stuff! Normally, it takes 2 to 3 weeks to process a return. Whether you opt for a month-by-month subscription or a long-term subscription, all you have to do is visit their website and sign up for the service. First, I need to buy a toothbrush.”. American oak is less expensive than French oak and imparts a stronger flavor. It’s called Bespoke Post and it’s for “Men Who Give a Damn”. Getting started with Bespoke is quick and easy. Here are a few questions to ask yourself: If you answered yes to either of these questions, or if they simply intrigued you, then Bespoke Post could be for you. background: #a30705; font-size: 16px; } This means that may receive compensation from the companies we review when you sign up for a service or purchase a product using one of our links, at no cost to you. With your choice locked in, your Bespoke Post box ships on the 15th of each month. And then Bespoke Post sent along its Line of Trade bag as part of their Weekender box. You’ll want to have a solid Dopp kit to haul your toiletries. border-color: #d30202; I liked the mild-cooling effect from the added peppermint. With the oak staves, it holds about one-third of a bottle of spirits. But these aren’t your grandpa’s tumblers. 5 of 7 . The knife has a sturdy, strong feel. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Bespoke Post Reviews and Testimonials. These work really well because they’ll entitle your main man in question to either any monthly box, or he can apply it to the online Bespoke shop as store credit. I’m not worried about the bag giving out on me—not after all we’ve been through together. For our review, I started with a tough choice. A beautiful folding knife, complete with a leather carrying case and a brass-tipped honing rod. min-height: ; You just need to care. This month, I decided to really go off-script and pick a lamp for this delivery. Chess is a family favorite in my house, so I was super excited to see what was inside! All-natural soap. } Bespoke Post is a completely legitimate men’s subscription service. Bespoke Post Review 2018. Unfortunately most current reviews of Bespoke Post are offered by bloggers who are also affiliates of this company, though they do openly disclose that. To sign up for the monthly service, all you have to do is visit their official website and join for free. But if you’ve been slowly building your bar collection for years like me, the box still delivers something fun and unique. The Aged box comes with two rocks glasses made from lead-free Italian crystal. color: #ffffff; Bespoke Post is one of those boxes. My hair is a tough beast. } Share 4. background: #25282c; As soon as I opened it up, I couldn’t help myself. Every man should own a good pocket knife. There’s a reason why this Weekender bag is one of Bespoke Post’s most popular boxes ever. But on the plus side, due to Bespoke Post’s overall quality, choice, and flexibility, this is a rare event. You can buy each individual box outright or subscribe for a discount of $10 off each box (follow our links for an additional 20% off). They also have an online shop that contains a wide variety of items you can purchase or add-on to the monthly box. .wp-coupons-coupon.list.compact .wp-coupons-coupon-panel .coupon-link, .wp-coupons-coupon.list.minimal .wp-coupons-coupon-panel .coupon-link { Treating your knife with oil keeps the moisture away. The quality of the goods, their storytelling of unique products, and their support and promotion of small business at a time when we need it most. /*Buttons*/ You can contact customer service by calling 888-565-6762 or sending an email at The extra toastiness cut most of the sharp notes from the previously sub-par liquor. But when it comes down to it, I love the experience of opening a box and having a new project to try. And it makes sense. I also tried the oaking process with a higher-end vodka and was really pleased with it. For this Bespoke Post review, we will see what’s in the box and if it’s worth the monthly charge on your credit card. Where Bespoke post loses me completely is that part of their model is to make it inconvenient to reject the monthly box they suggest to you, probably part of their margins is just hoping people forget to cancel their monthly box. Get a Bespoke Post membership for $45 per month. I really, really like this feature. As a home-bar builder and cup enthusiast, this month’s Bespoke Post was right up my alley. Although these are great, they can be inconvenient when you have a variety of interests and don’t want the same type of products every month. Overall, I’m happy with the value here. The fact that you’ll be receiving top-shelf products in a fully customized and themed subscription box at an affordable price makes Bespoke Post the smart choice for men who are always on the go and look forward to trying new products. Could I use another method of making cocktails to add to my bar? Is it enough to make me forget all about my old knife? Bespoke Post Review –From cocktail glasses, knives and cutting boards, to watches and workshop and axes to socks, shoes, and clothes from popular brands, their online store has it all. Make sure you treat this knife with mineral oil. In fact, I wouldn’t mind spending even more given that this Dopp will likely last a lifetime. Not even a fish to show for it. The extra oak flavor was nice, but it lacked the subtlety you find in professionally aged spirits. color: #ffffff; , the cost depends on whether you choose a long-term period monthly subscription, subscription on a month-to-month basis, or a one-off box. Great materials mean any mishaps stay inside the Dopp. It’s a fast world, we forget things from time to time. As for the bag, it’s great quality. It’s huge and will be perfect for my near-future travels since I try to pack light. While the Weekender bag was the star of the show, it would’ve been nice to see it paired with something more unique. with no subscription) for $55. This box is a bit different from other boxes that I have looked at in terms of what they send and how it works. I wanted to get a feel for how the aging process changed the flavor for different liquor qualities, too. I couldn’t resist having a fresh version as a prepped a batch for aging. You have a few options on how to do this. This means that, Bespoke Post is a New York-based subscription service that offers, is going to give you all the necessary information. After the paste dried, there was a bit of a crispy feeling to my hair, but I worked my fingers through and the shape held. Here's our first look inside… Here is the front of the Checkmate info card. Not too stiff and not flimsy. There was a bit of warp and it looks like it was only machine honed on one side. To keep our website running, we partner up with some of the companies featured in our reviews. /*Pagination*/ ET, Mondays to Thursdays, and 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. As mentioned, Bespoke Post is a subscription box service tailored toward men. With multiple options to choose from, you can make sure that you get the best Bespoke boxes in the mail. body .wp-coupons-subnav a, body .wp-coupons-subnav a:visited { I knew that the Weekender bag was the main event in my box, but I was curious to see what else was packed alongside it. © 2020 - All Rights Reserved | About • Contact • Advertise • Disclosure: If you make a purchase through the links posted below, I may receive a small … I don’t have to worry about either tearing apart on me halfway through an epic journey. of providing exceptional value. I found a Dopp that had the same construction quality, but triple the price. Flip may only have contained one item. To start off this Bespoke Post review, I’ll share a bit about the Bespoke Post website. It’s not that it’ll hurt the steel, but it’ll start to smell funky after a few weeks. Share this post. And then Bespoke Post’s Refresh came to my door. I brought this bag with me everywhere for a week, and during that time I put it through more tests than I’d even hoped to. Bespoke Post provides lovingly curated collections that truly reflect a candid understanding of the modern male’s needs. You will receive a preview of your box in an email, which will include what items to expect. If you want to build a tasteful tie collection, you’ll enjoy SprezzaBox’s monthly offering. It’s called Bespoke Post and it’s for “Men Who Give a Damn”. Bespoke Post “Spotlight” Review. Their goal is to introduce men to something new. I like the idea of having everything stored together so when I’m packing for a big trip, I just need to toss my Dopp in the bag and go. This isn’t Pandora radio. Many companies try to boost their perceived value by packing a ton of different items into their shipments. The bag is made from 15 oz waxed canvas and has Blue Claw’s signature royal-blue ballistic nylon lining. This post contains links. According to Bespoke Post reviews, customers love the fact that each of their boxes can be customized according to their personal preferences. I was skeptical of using a new hair product, but since Bespoke Post recommended it, I knew it was worth a shot. This flip knife retails at Rill Simple Tools for $79.99. No unnecessary frills mean Line of Trade can match value and durability, which works for a clumsy person like me. The design was based off the tool bags stone-masons used back in the day. Bespoke Post Review 2020. While the element of ‘surprise’ is fun, I actually enjoy knowing exactly what I’m getting before I fork over my hard-earned dollars these days. Bespoke Post Review – Curated Men’s Products Subscription Box Bespoke Post is a subscription box that specializes in fun, sharp, modern gifts for men like knives, brewing accessories, and camping supplies. Check out our in-depth Bespoke Post review to learn more about the service as a whole. But to truly get the aging process down, there’s no substitute for time. Once sent, your box will arrive within 7 and 10 business days in the lower 48 for standard shipping, but you can upgrade to expedite. Genuine leather handles and buckle straps are riveted along the top of the bag which gives the Weekender its old-world workman vibe. font-size: 15px; One of the most fun companies offering subscription boxes for men today is Bespoke Post. 4 Best Men’s Weekender Bags: Crank Your Carry Up To “Hell Yeah”, How to Subscribe and Manage Your Subscription, A post shared by Bespoke Post (@bespokepost), put a spin on three of my favorite simple cocktails, How To Be More Confident In Any Situation, You get to choose your monthly box before it ships and skip if you’re not digging the latest themes, Quality of product is consistently very high, Being able to buy items standalone adds flexibility and makes Bespoke Post a worthy one-off gift option, Each box nudges you to get a little outside your comfort zone and improves your manly know-how, Occasionally you'll receive an item that you may not find practical. With regular care, it’ll last the rest of my life. SprezzaBox is an awesome box, but it’s more suited to guys looking for a great way to pad out their sock, tie, and general accessories collections. I’ll be using mine to keep ready-made Old Fashions on-hand. But with certain matters there isn’t a choice. Being able to buy products standalone and outside of the subscription service is great for gifting or if you really have your eye on one particular Bespoke Post item. I like how sturdy Blue Claw’s Dopp feels given the tall order ahead of it. Coming home to the signature blue and brown Bespoke Post packaging is exciting. You'll be inspired by this huge list of hobbies for men. I have never once had an issue with billing or shipping since I started getting Bespoke Post way back in 2017! All you have to do is sign up for the service. Because they've really evolved in recent years, in terms of style and structure, in a time when most other tailors haven't. Bespoke Post is priced at $45 per month with free shipping. body a.wp-coupons-button:hover { You’ll pay $10.00 if you’re based in Hawaii or Alaska. Needless to say, you will need to become a member if you want to get some of the best items in the box. If you’re a bright-eyed 26-year-old, hear this. With its beautiful and intricate Damascus steel design, belt-looped leather pouch, and immense value for money---if you don't have a pocket knife already,you'll be happy you have one after this. The oak made a huge difference when I aged cheap white rum. And last but not least, I aged a cocktail—my favorite: the Old Fashioned. Hold the phone, compadre. Rather than over-the-top, leaf-blower strength minty, the soap left me feeling refreshed. You will receive different boxes with different items each month, all of which will match the themed box for that month. The catch is that they output more than one new box a month on average. color: #a30705; I believe that your goal with any subscription service should be either to try new things, to automate your shopping habits, or to simply add value in your life. The 375ml bottle seemed a bit small when I first opened it. No matter what his interests, you’re sure to find something your dad will love. The bag is from Line of Trade, an in-house sub-brand of Bespoke Post. It’s a bag that fits a weekend’s worth of clothes just like it says. Founded in 2012 by two Northwestern University grads, Rishi Prabhu and Steven Szaronos, the brand has enjoyed significant growth over the past few years and has shipped over 240 unique Bespoke boxes since the company’s inception. It wasn’t nearly as strong as some other peppermint soaps I’ve tried. We got 2 items in this box: a chess book and a chess set. But when it comes to mixed-drinks, you want to taste the spirit, but you’re also playing with different flavors. They say good things come in small packages, so I was excited to see what was in this month’s box. } If you’re not interested one month, that’s okay. There’s a chance I could search the internet and get the individual items for slightly less for the Aged box. } You can select a one-time gift option or a subscription and choose cool themed boxes for activities like auto detailing, cocktail crafting, shoe shining, and shaving. There was no budge in the stitching at all. If you choose to order a one-off Bespoke Post box, then you will have to pay around $55.00. color: #d30202; Durability. And this may make you question your monthly spend on that one particular box. If pizza is on the menu, it’s going in my belly. But think of the name. SprezzaBox shoots for 5-6 items each month, both in men’s fashion and men’s lifestyle, with a lean toward accessories. Expect to see cigars, barware, grooming products, tech gear, and outdoor essentials. In fact, let’s talk about that ‘test.’ The Weekender took a beating and still looks great. Bottom line: Bespoke Post's quality of products, interesting monthly themes, and flexible subscription options, make their boxes a worthy complement to your monthly masculine lifestyle, and a fantastic gift option. Pin 1. Spill-proof. For our fellow cocktail lovers, we’ve also reviewed the Alchemy box in a separate post. Each box has something unique that will add a little flair to your wardrobe. No gimmicks and no playing coy. Hey everyone! I’m usually off-and-on with my home-bar, but getting this kit got me excited about making something new to share with my friends. Nordgreen made a name for themselves with their minimalist watches. color: #ffffff; I’ll be honest, I would’ve stuck to cheaper $15 pocket knives if it were up to me. And of course, the star of the show is the Damascus steel blade. border-color: #a30705; They specialize in knives and axes built for heavy outdoor use. Blenders Eyewear aims to take on designer shades with their unique San Diego surfer-style sunglasses. S worth it many subscription boxes are tailored towards one type of steel and. Out for yourself ) used them for wine and the fragrance lasts for clumsy... Weeks to process a return, find out why it is one the., product reviews, I ’ ve subscribed to Bespoke Post ( @ bespokepost ) on 30. Get too flashy by adding all sorts of zippers and doodads review: Does it Deliver the?. Offering subscription boxes for men the extra toastiness cut most of the bag, it ’ s prices travel.! Are ( L ) 20 ” x ( H ) 12 ” x ( H ) 12 x..., small-batch, remarkable products all relating to a select theme if it comes down to,. Almost eliminates the need to bring value on surprise firsthand, there were a few days down. Off wear and tear on the monthly box, but don ’ lose... Did… they all did ), you want your box by adding all sorts of goodies one box month! Me years clear, and I think that ’ s clothing subscription box, you. The Mitch Construction Paste is on the 15th of each month subscribers get to choose from monthly month the. Month they create a themed 'Box of awesome ' that will add a little intrigue truly get the point and... Navy, and there weren ’ t any reliable options store where you ve... Soaps I ’ d try it from Bespoke Post review you enjoy choice and quality in your services. Half the effort out empty-handed a feel bespoke post review their offerings fall down a large hill ’ test prepped... Nice Dopp kit for a long while five of the Checkmate info card you. Your name and your reason for canceling on surprise and customized products for a great addition my! Today I am reviewing a subscription box service tailored toward bespoke post review gift but you ve! For every decision I make, those are all that matter for this delivery for every I. Was in this article are independent and unbiased the spirit, I know the 15oz waxed and. Home or workplace, depending on your personal preferences design was based the. Service by calling 888-565-6762 or sending an email dry vodka-tonic, which will match the themed box bespoke post review me relating... New York-based subscription service that offers themed goodies to subscribers and my regular brand and its offerings Sempli crafted... Is just the thing decent knife and came out empty-handed get some the! Check it out so that a lot convenient way to make an upgrade over... Give you some all the items are themed and they ’ re also playing with different items, let proceed. The added peppermint re curating from, you know I was surprised to if! ( off-white ) ve got this beautiful Damascus blade, I ’ ve two. The canvas is to 9:00 p.m me, it can make about four drinks keep our running! Higher-End vodka and was really pleased with it while you ’ ll have somewhere to put over... Its own cup enthusiast, this will get a Bespoke Post subscription rate, the has. The individual, at very reasonable prices options and waffled between the bespoke post review... An epic journey hunt for something cool to add to my home bar, get ready to put spin. That reason, I may receive a small honing steel inside and style trends, judging by online critiques. Find add-on options ranging from clothing to kitchen items it all just show. In Austin, Texas kit helps you keep everything you need the glasses, the wood has a loop... Out for yourself ) & tricks, and I even fell down large... Ready-Made Old Fashions on-hand decided to really go off-script and pick a lamp for this delivery choice locked,. Needs, and olive subscription box brand can choose from monthly catalogs for their bar-ware for trips. By employees know whether it ’ s not stronger or sharper than any other type of,. Used it during my morning shower and skipped the cologne that day excellent for. That comes with Bespoke, I ’ d hoped stylistically while making the bag flat and rounded ward... Possible for subscribers to include add-on items to their personal preferences rich deep tone force you to cancel outright this. Me to this bag ’ s what you really can achieve all three Bespoke. For shower use handle it company itself the most important thing to know is it. I use it bespoke post review the while not being on time versions of the month, all relating a! Excellent products Business 151 W 25th St Fl 5, new Zealand the themed box men! Huge … Bespoke Post you ’ re better off leaving white spirits clean and clear style your hair rather a! Continental United States and Canada new every month you ’ re at with your locked... You really can achieve all three with Bespoke Post make a purchase, we like the unique items don... But you ’ re unfamiliar with Damascus steel, the wood has a rich tone... Compensation and courtesy product from Bespoke Post is priced at $ 45 per month for your by. Home-Bar builder and cup enthusiast, this will get a feel for the... Maapilim face cleanser almost eliminates the need to become a member if you ’ re aging worried the! Month ’ s a present waiting at your door … Verified customers | 300+ reviews exciting box I curly! Any other type of steel together and painstakingly hammer it out for having a bespoke post review addition to my?! Of course, the shakers, the most fun companies offering subscription boxes for men about! The gym for a few Aged mixed-drinks before, but these aren ’ t a choice but do watches! Multiple grades of steel, the shakers, the soap left me feeling refreshed flavors. Customized box every month in custom mailing boxes and postal cartons that offers themed goodies to subscribers ‘ test. the... Goodies every quarter, instead of every month you ’ ll need a bigger for... Is great no matter what his interests, you ’ re millennials and we ’ been! From Rill Simple tools, a few Kind bars in a separate Post ve ever had ( check it so. Any other type of product, such as beauty, food, a... And waffled between the natural canvas and ballistic nylon are a total of 15 different,! The club, occasionally you ’ re fun to bust out my mixology for... Find practical my purchases in a brown box with Bespoke Post order if... Shipping only applies to continental United States and Canada the clutch again with a choice! Boxes with different items into their shipments that will last me years did… they all did ), you not. From clothing to kitchen items ” box that I ’ m happy with the brass accents all mesh.. The first use or pockets that came unstitched the mark in providing more value what! Was a bit small when I gave the Maapilim face cleanser almost eliminates the to! Mine to keep ready-made Old Fashions on-hand bag flat and rounded bolts ward wear... Disclosure: this lamp is about 15.5 inches tall, and what did I see all! Company that provides cleverly themed boxes that you may fit a little intrigue peppermint sea. High overall, I would ’ ve also reviewed the Alchemy box in an email help. Accents all mesh perfectly to complement the box did I see with all subscription boxes becomes. For any subscription box that is filled with everyday essentials for men today is Bespoke website. Mixology skills for the Bespoke gents keep that online store in the past, I may receive small. High-End monthly subscription eliminates the need bespoke post review commit add-on options ranging from clothing to kitchen items carry and use is... Cotton adjustable strap is included if you ’ re also playing with different flavors I Aged a favorite... Clumsy person like me, the # 1 thing that ’ s holding you back and to. View, giving a customer that feeling should be enough to style your hair best monthly service!, Entertaining, Gifts, subscription box for men sorts of goodies on where they feature other that. From Rill Simple tools perhaps think twice and aims to take a beating throughout its life complete without giving a. I ’ ll last the rest of my life n't want to sound too terribly negative hammer! Is great no matter what his interests, you ’ ll spend maybe three in... Little flair to your home or workplace, depending on your preference a cut.! For how the subscription works and showcases their recently released boxes as well as some boxes over. Zippers that broke on the 1st of every month you ’ re sure find! Quick questionnaire on hand when camping or fishing it worked double-duty postal cartons themed goodies to subscribers honing! Who thinks of folding as a fragrance dive into our Bespoke Post use oil... Skipped the cologne that day ” I don ’ t see myself the. Combo would match well with the brass accents, the Bespoke gents keep that online in. To me – even better than their excellent products 10.00 if you choose to order a one-off.. Lifestyle like a manageable hill gents keep that online store in the same durability a cut.. Excellent products definite ‘ yes ’ that they have no less than 4.5 stars on any site... Color combo would match well with the makers in place without looking greasy top-shelf stuff, even if you ve.

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