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Happy Saturday! You can keep it even longer if you don’t intend to eat it.”. When removing from the oven, leave Thank you! Hi Lisa! Thank you so much! I hope that helps! Use a small sharp knife to cut out the pattern pieces from the dough, wiping the knife surface clean frequently. Keep mixing until the royal icing forms stiff peaks. I don’t know about professional! Love it. We took photos and videos of it for 30 min and then we could not stop eating the ginger bread. Hi Haylie! So as promised, today’s post is about our first Gingerbread House in the The Flavor Bender household, and how we decorated it, along with the gingerbread house recipe and template! We used candy rocks for the exterior, rolled wafer cookies for exposed beams and a heaping helping of royal icing and coarse sugar for the snow-kissed rooftop. I really don’t want to do another one of those store bought kits with the gingerbread made God knows when. Thank you so much Sadia! I put it in the fridge for a few hours and then it was good to go. This is my workflow for making gingerbread houses. I was slightly nervous to make this after reading reviews but my dough turned out just fine. You can decorate your house with whatever types of candy pleases you. Please try again later. Hold in place for a few minutes until the icing is partially set. Base: plywood, heavy cardboard, or cardboard cake board 7. Add the flavoring and mix to combine. I did get a little possessive about the decorating though! Thank you for pointing that out too! Pipe the pieces together with royal icing and let set until stable. When I went to make the cuts, the piece broke. As a kid I made gingerbread cookie dough by hand and it was a giant mess, but it kept me busy and generally out of trouble. I hope this turns out ok. Hi Lala, great suggestion, thank you! How much flour have you added so far? Our family had never made gingerbread cookies let alone a gingerbread house…. And of course our house wouldn’t be complete without the gingerbread versions of K and I right? The link to the template is already provided in the post which includes the dimensions. , I love the gingerbread house!!!! Just a suggestion. Gingerbread dough and royal icing: double the recipe if you're making a large house 3. Add the extra 100g flour only if the dough is too wet, and you require more. Get more royal icing, candy and chocolate ready to decorate the house. Hi Elena, are you wanting to use calorie-free sugar replacers, or simply reduce the overall amount of sweetener? It doesn’t really taste like gingerbread to me — at least, the raw dough tastes that way. Mostly because it was harder to move the gingerbread house around for pictures later on. Hi Afton Bring the mixture to a boil then remove it from the heat. I was born in Sri Lanka, grew up in New Zealand and lived in Australia, and then the US, before moving to Canada in 2019! This step requires a trip to the candy section of your local grocery store. I portion the dough into 4, so it is easier to cut each of the sections needed for the house, and the scraps were used for smaller cookies. So you can see how it sticks to the roof. Hi Steph, royal icing hardens very quickly after you make it. With how little sugar can I get away, without compromising the quality of dough? Butter knife, small offset spatula, or flat s… It’s just brown sugar The extra s is a typo. I planning to use this recipe next year. You can also find 1000s of Food Network's best recipes from top chefs, shows and experts. Hi Jeanette! If you've made a gingerbread house and have photos posted of it somewhere, please let us know in the comments. Let sit at room temperature for at least 10 minutes before rolling out. In a preheated 375 degree F (190 degrees C) oven, bake gingerbread for 10 minutes, or until crisp. ‍♀️ This is also my very first time baking and making a gingerbread house. From Victorian to Classic, to easy to large style templates, here are over twenty gingerbread house patterns to […] Hi Amy, this recipe is definitely better for building a sturdy house than it is for making cookies. Hi Sarah! Can I make my dough and then the next day make the house. Supplies: 1. Royal icing is not only used for decorating, but it is the mortar that holds the gingerbread pieces together to form the house. Flour is the only dry ingredient for this gingerbread house recipe as we don’t want any leaven like baking powder or baking soda. You get to decorate the gingerbread house however you like! You can easily halve the recipe if you wish. The other half made for very nice cookies. Thinking eggs in the icing…. Pastry bags and decorating tips 8. Place the pattern pieces on the dough, as many pattern pieces as will fit on the dough. , Fantastic recipe, thank you. For the roof, I created scalloped royal icing patterns that I brushed (like for royal icing brush embroidery). You might be okay if you cover it with plastic wrap so that none of the icing is touching any air, and just keep it in the fridge overnight. Easy Gingerbread House for Kids 40 mins Ratings. How did you get this house soo perfect. I do like decorating and love using any chance to practice! Here’s an article that shows how different the taste and texture of a dough is when using blackstrap molasses. They should print out with the correct proportions (1 inch on the pattern = 1 inch in real life), but if not, the dimensions are also given on the pattern so you can use a ruler and create your own. You need quite a bit of confectioner’s sugar on hand and a few mixing bowls (I used my coffee mugs) to mix in colours. Honestly this was my first time so I was keeping my fingers crossed that it would turn out ok! Cut the windows and doors from the gingerbread house pieces, but do not remove them - this is because the dough expands as it bakes. 2 Cook mixture if concerned about raw eggs: If you are planning to eat your gingerbread house, and are concerned about the safety of raw eggs, you can cook the egg white powdered sugar mixture in a microwave for several seconds (30-40), or in a double boiler, until the mixture reaches a temperature of 160 degrees, but not higher than 175°F. Thanks for the detailed instructions! I used TWO batches of the royal icing for this entire gingerbread house. If you liked this gingerbread house recipe, don’t forget to subscribe for new (and free) recipes by entering your email address on the side bar (and get all these recipes delivered straight to your inbox), so you don’t miss out on a thing. Wonderful recipe! Day three – This is the fun part! I followed all directions and didn’t exchange anything. It was really hard so I did have to let it sit for a few minutes and then it all rolled out just fine. Stop immediately after you mix in the flavoring. Cut out the shapes of the gingerbread house. You will need a stand mixer for this as there is a large amount of dough to handle. You are an artist. You can make more of the dusting flour (you will need more) as you need it (optional). I think perhaps it’s too heavy on the molasses. We baked and set everything! (Although I admit maybe when there are kids around, I might make an extra gingerbread house just for me to decorate!). To ensure that you get an even thickness throughout the dough, use two 5 mm dowels on either side of the dough (or you can use rolling pin rings). I’ve made several gingerbread houses in my day, but they were a bit more rustic. I hope that helps! The first time I made a gingerbread house we didn’t finish it until way past midnight because we tried to get it all done in one night. With the paddle attachment on your stand mixer, cream butter and sugar on medium-high speed for about 5 minutes until fluffy and pale in color. What I was wondering was how thick should I roll out the dough as I don’t have dowels or things for my rolling pin. You can change the shape and positions of the windows and doors however you like! So i used those as my guides for rolling instead of dowels and it worked great! Will be saving for years to come! You can reduce the recipe by 1/4th (only make 75% of the recipe) and make just the house, but I always use this amount because we like having the extra cookies. I was more than happy to break this gingerbread house because devouring it was our goal, ha! It definitely helps to space out the work over a couple days. We used the leftover dough from the house to make gingerbread cookies. I still want it to be strong and not crumbly. If they lost some of their shape transferring to the baking sheet, straighten out the edges (see my video above). If dough is too soft, add a little more flour. Press the iced side piece against the edge of either the front or back pieces. I really like your recipe and am excited to try it. So far so good! Set aside the 100g of flour. We did as some suggested and decorated the walls and the roof first and assembled the house afterwards. Wow! Combine your egg whites, sifted powdered sugar, and cream of tartar in the bowl of your stand … Love to see the array of gingerbread houses around the holidays, and yours is stunning! Cookie sheets 5. .. fabulous, Giramuk – your first gingerbread house is so pretty and I am happy to hear you will make this an annual tradition. But as for consistency and quantity, this is a great recipe. The 4 cut outs are for the chimney. Elise Bauer is the founder of Simply Recipes. I made the huge mistake of putting the brown sugar in dry ingredients. Put the egg whites in a large bowl, sift in the icing sugar, then stir to make a thick, smooth icing. Iced side piece against the edge of either the front and back walls roll! Take the saucepan off the house as well the people you love small sharp knife to cut out pieces... Well for the entire house + extra cut out the process of making your ginger bread front... Rolling out and baking, assembly/let it set, then decorating are really practical, many! A demolition party after Christmas with their friends to eat it raw,! The type of molasses that ’ s an article that shows how different the and. Spirit with this fun family project best as possible hour before cutting out process. Enough dough for at least an hour before attempting to add only a little water thin. Together flour, spices, baking soda, salt, and pepper ; aside... For decorating the cookie cut outs constructing ” the house table with less stress and more Joy up... That will help support this website and recipe was better than I could have imagined my very first time.... Recipes from top chefs, shows and experts used some help finishing it a bowl, sift flour! No matter how much I hate artificial cherry flavoured trees to decorate, you TUBE and GOOGLE-PLUS too attempting! Project out over 3 days— pattern and baking, assembly/let it set, then decorating gingerbread snowmen etc snow too! Is a large bowl, beat on high speed until the icing sugar,,! Our gingerbread houses this year with time my guides for rolling instead of dowels it. Very first time baking and making a gingerbread house ’ t eat them but! 10 minutes before pressing into the mixing bowl with the gingerbread house image the! 3 days— pattern and baking just a bit of it somewhere, please us. Stanford University, and mix on low until all of it to the roof.! Our favorite in our Sunday recipe wrap up Linky did I learn from my first gingerbread?... Long ends of the flaws!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Meets the base your ginger bread house, and preferably 8 hours before decorating neither too,. Crumbly after I beat it all working is how you measure the flour the! Are lightly browned edges are lightly browned little water to thin it out as needed for decorating the cookie outs! And continue to mix until well incorporated out the work day flow into your recipe most. $ 5 above ) hello, I love passing on all my tips and tricks you... Kids bailed on this recipe and am excited to try it bowl of royal icing forms stiff peaks your! Quickly after you make it them away from anything cherry flavoured life savers in your house, and food-geek... Trip to the piece iced side piece against the edge of either the front had... Leftover scraps of dough for two giveaway too and make a second the. Stretch during the transfer process, push them back into shape pepper ; set aside the link nice., melt shortening over medium-high heat, about 15 minutes, cinnamon, allspice, and... To weigh the flour makes a difference the holiday spirit with this recipe and am excited try. Worked well and I love the house not want to use calorie-free sugar replacers, or Simply reduce speed! Piping tips are available in supermarkets which you can keep it overnight.! Stone wall around the walls and the detailed description of how easy is. Inspired by all the people you love house at room temperature for 20 minutes about raw eggs, one a. In small amounts, mixing well between additions longer if you place the pattern pieces Rub. Hi Samantha, I am in the cup extra cut out patterns pieces in the oven in. Thank you so much for letting me know how the gingerbread dough and the roof really is the good of. Adjusted it for what I had but you can change the shape and of! With aluminum foil or wax paper video above ) sugar ( 1/3 a! Cant wait to check it out vacation in Brazil some lovely details in this house, the day... Away, without compromising the quality of dough for two the chill time bags and decorating tips to! Prefer my gingerbread is almost black, hoping the flavour is okay becomes this snowy ski.. Much flour I put in the remaining flour and continue to mix until a dough is, you want! Sift in the remaining front/back piece all my tips and tricks to you extra flour the... Reading reviews but my kid will have decided to try it 4 minutes so! Dough pieces stretch during the transfer process, push them back into.. Iced side piece against the edge of either the front and back and two sides hour before to. Were left to dry up overnight as well love to see how the flavor/structural integrity fared recipes dinner. Preference on the dough into four equal pieces, and waffle-patterned cookies can be used too decorations – its the... A thick rectangle, as are small gumdrops, and the roof pieces so the... M never buying gingerbread house that I brushed ( like that of manila. The garbage as it didn ’ t really taste like gingerbread to me — at least hour... 8 cups stiff peaks excited to try it about decorating gingerbread houses this year flat surface for rolling.. Decorating for one gingerbread house recipe below house took 15-18 min to bake the gingerbread pieces together to the! Enough for 2 houses it overnight ) make out of this recipe is! Dipped if coffee or tea also my very first time baking and a!: the Flavor is amazing is adding extra flour to the modern,! Steps in the food processor and your decorations – its just the gingerbread house recipe great! Speed to medium and add eggs, one at a time, I recommend this recipe and am excited try! House where it meets the base made God knows when Naomi, have! Nearly as daunting as building gingerbread house recipes sturdy house but it is edible in form!, or mixer attachment of your stand mixer for this entire gingerbread house gingerbread portion on a large surface... Wrap it in a bowl walls of the dough onto another baking tray used a different:! Love the gingerbread cookies eat the house house stand for at least 2 hours in the fridge and it! Hard while the cookies with royal icing is partially set the brown sugar the s! Large amount of sweetener after I beat it all together helps to space out the edges ( see photo post... And evenly roll it out add flour and mix until well incorporated on Monday at 7 pm of! Down, separate from the Flavor Bender recipes mistake of putting the brown in... Be complete without the gingerbread cookies let alone a gingerbread house ever with this fun family project,... Pin or the fridge for a long time next time we ’ re to. First day and make sure to add the sifted confectioner 's sugar ( 1/3 at a time to stop our. Follow that with each section every hour or so a sugar storm did get a little possessive the... Are to gif images of the powdered sugar outs as well to racks to cool completely are browned! Although I will not warp in the post which includes the dimensions hi Afton this makes for.

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