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hyacinth mythology meaning Dictionary: Hyacinthus - meaning, definition, translations, origin. A beautiful young man called Hyacinth was said to have been killed by the gods Apollo and Zeus, who fought for his love. Mythology Edit File:The Death of Hyacinth.jpg. Meaning Hyacinth flower. The name of the plant originally comes from Hyacinthus which is a Thraco-Pelasgian word for the deep blue colour of the water/sea (4).. The Hebrew word used for Jacinth in the Bible is “leshem”. A taxonomic genus within the family Hyacinthaceae – the hyacinths. Jacinth is the name of a flower and precious stone of this color. View a Random NameRandom. In Greek mythology, Hyacinthus was a divine hero, a beautiful boy and a lover of Apollo, the god of the sun. To state things simply, the blue hyacinth is a representation of fidelity or loyalty. Rashness is connected to the myth of god Zephyr, which we will explain in the future paragraphs. Hyacinth was also admired by the West wind , Zephyrus, the North wind, Boreasand and also by a mortal man named, Thamyris. The flower hyacinth sprang from his blood. The purple hyacinth is mainly about a deep feeling of sadness and asking for forgiveness. Hyacinth, the Death of Hyacinthus. To the ancients Hyacinth was, in addition to being a bluebell-like blossom, the name of a precious stone . More info about the name "Hyacinth" Hyacinth originates in Greek language and is taken from the name of a popular garden flowering plant. View a Random NameRandom. One of the less common flower names used since the 19th century. was used by ancient writers to refer to a blue material, such as blue corundum (sapphire in … Narcissistic personality disorder is, of course, named for the Greek myth of Narcissus. Home: Search: Contact & Info : Home > Search > Hyacinthus. The Hebrew word used for Jacinth in the Bible is “leshem”. Hyacinthus ‎ in . Even if this song had nothing to do with Hyacinth, I still see similarity between the myth of Hyacinth and Jim's death. At the spot where the youth... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Hyacinth bulbs are planted in the fall and bloom beautifully in the spring. Those two deities were competing with each other who will gain the favor of the handsome young man. In Greek mythology , Hyacinth/hyacinthus was a gorgeous Spartan prince and lover of the god, Apollo (god of sunlight , music , talent etc.). Jacinth is the name of a flower and precious stone of this color. H yacinthus was the son of the Muse Clio and the King of Macedonia Pierus. Hyacinthus (Greek mythology) A Spartan youth loved and accidentally killed by Apollo. [citation needed] Toxicity He was a beautiful young man who became the lover of the god Apollo, although he also had the affection of Zephyr, the god of the west wind. The name is derived from the Greek word hyacinth meaning the blue larkspur flower or the colour purple. Hyacinthus, commonly known as Hyacinth, is extremely popular and praised because of its unique, rich and heavy scent. His handsome appearance attracted so many gods, especially the sun god Apollo. Translations Name meaning: The genus was named after a famous Greek hero from Greek mythology – Hyacinth. It can also symbolize … Many names are given in the various myths as his parents; they include King Pierus of Macedon, or King Oebalus of Sparta, or King Amyclas of Sparta; and Clio. Hyacinth / ˈ h aɪ ə s ɪ n θ / or Hyacinthus (Ancient Greek: Ὑάκινθος Huákinthos) is a divine hero and a lover of Apollo from Greek mythology.His cult at Amyclae southwest of Sparta dates from the Mycenaean era.A temenos or sanctuary grew up around what was alleged to be his burial mound, which was located in the Classical period at the feet of Apollo's statue. European equivalents include Hyacinthe (French), Hyacinthie (German), The Spanish name Jacinta is closely related, referring to the hyacinth flower. Word Origin mid 16th cent. English variant forms include Hyacintha or Hyacinthia. n. Greek Mythology A beautiful youth, loved but accidentally killed by Apollo, from whose blood Apollo caused the hyacinth to grow. IPA : /ˌhaɪəˈsɪnθəs/ Proper noun . This hyacinth has a single dense spike of fragrant flowers in shades of red, blue, white, orange, pink, violet or yellow. A female given name. This name derives from the Ancient Greek “huákinthos (ᾰ́κινθος) yákinthos ‎(υάκινθος)”, meaning “Hyacinth, reddish-blue or deep purple color”. Back to “A” NamesBack. Hyacinth; Etymology . The flower that sprang from the beautiful youth's blood could be compared to the legacy and mystery that is associated with Jim. The name is derived from a Greek word meaning the blue larkspur flower or the colour purple.. English variant forms include Hyacintha or Hyacinthia. A female given name. Meaning of the name Hyakinthos, analysis of the name Hyakinthos and so much more… What does Hyakinthos mean and its numerology, definition, origin, popularity and very interesting information. A form of the common hyacinth is the less hardy and smaller blue- or white-petalled Roman hyacinth of florists. About Hyacinths and Grape Hyacinths. As one of the flowers in Greek mythology that belongs to lily family, this hyacinth is related to a Spartan named Hyancithus. The hyacinth is an ancient flower originating in the Mediterranean, and it is actually referenced in Ancient Greek mythology. The flower's name is also derived from the word jacinth, meaning a blue gemstone. (denoting a gem): from French hyacinthe, via Latin from Greek huakinthos, denoting a plant identified with the flower in the myth of Hyacinthus, and a gem (perhaps the sapphire).In Greek mythology, Hyacinthus was a boy who Apollo loved but killed accidentally. In Greek mythology Hyacinthus was a Spartan youth accidentally killed by Apollo, from whose blood sprang a beautiful and fragrant flower, and it is also the name of several saints; Hyacinth became exclusively female in the nineteenth century. It is a feminine form of Hyacinthe or Hyacinthus. (This Greek myth is the same as the crocus myth, only the characters differ.) translation and definition "Hyacinth", English-Lithuanian Dictionary online. It is a feminine form of Hyacinthe or Hyacinthus. Hyacinths (Hyacinthus) come in a variety of colors—from bright pink to soft blue. Hyacinth Bucket (which insists on being pronounced: "Bouquet"), is the social-climbing heroine of BBC series "Keeping Up Appearances", played by Patricia Routledge. Type: proper; Copy to clipboard; Details / edit; wikispecies. Hyacinthus symbolism: Hyacinth symbolizes playfulness, sport and rashness. 1) Hyacinthus is a divine hero from Greek mythology. Known for his great beauty, Hyacinth, Ὑάκινθος Huákinthos, a Spartan Prince, was a lover of Apollo, the sun god but was also much admired by the West wind Zephyrus, who was so jealous of Apollo that he was just biding his time, until an opportunity came along, to put Apollo out of the running. MEANING: This name derives from the Ancient Greek “huákinthos (ᾰ́κινθος) yákinthos ‎(υάκινθος)”, meaning “Hyacinth, reddish-blue or deep purple color”. Hyacinth . Try to avoid it when gifting bouquets for weddings, birthdays, or any occasion that has positive context. He was known as an incredible handsome prince that being a hero in Greek mythology. Hiacintas (rare) A male given name. Translingual; English; see also hyacinthus‎ Hyacinthus (Translingual) Proper noun. Back to “A” NamesBack. Legend has it that the hyacinth flower is really Hyacinth (or Hyakinthos) a Greek youth whom both Apollo and Zephyr loved. Hyacinthus definition: a youth beloved of Apollo and inadvertently killed by him. Pronunciation . St Hyacintha Mariscotti, Italian nun (born Clarice Mariscotti) Hyacinth in song, story & screen. The Etymology of Hyacinth Flower. 1) Hyacinthus is a divine hero from Greek mythology. He was considered to be the companion of both the Greek god Apollo and Zephyrus, the god of the winds. : Hyacinth is a variant form of the given name Hyacinthe.It may be given to males or females. Meaning Hyacinth flower. These flowers need indirect sunlight and should be watered moderately. Here’s a guide to planting and growing hyacinths and grape hyacinths in your home and garden! is a gem variety of the mineral zircon (zirconium silicate). That’s why when you look at the myth regarding how the hyacinth came to be, it is consistent with the constancy that Apollo feels for his beloved companion - Hyacinth. Alternative form of [i]Hyacinthus[/i] A male given name. Jacinda (Greek and Spanish) may refer to either. HYACINTH or jacinth (q.v.) Each flower is presented with information about: Main flower meanings Flower color meaning Flower symbolism in different cultures and history Interesting and fun facts Meaningful botanical and medicinal properties Gift giving tips and special occasions Ever wondered whether you should offer a […] From Latin Hyacinthus, from Ancient Greek Ὑάκινθος (Huákinthos). Hyacinths are great for gardens, as well as for bouquets and arrangements. the tragic myth of Hyacinthus. Please use the quick menu. Hyacinthus (English) Alternative forms. Facts about Hyacinth. Hyacinthus was a mortal in Greek mythology. From his blood Apollo made the hyacinth spring up. Hyacinthus synonyms, Hyacinthus pronunciation, Hyacinthus translation, English dictionary definition of Hyacinthus. See more. Hyacinthus definition, a youth loved but accidentally killed by Apollo: from the youth's blood sprang the hyacinth. Look up Hyacinth, hyacinth, hyacinthine, or Hyacinthus in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Meanings and history of the name Hyacinth Famous real-life people named Hyacinth. General CommentJim was interested in Greek mythology, so he was probably familiar with Hyacinth. The Myth of Narcissus. More info about the name "Jacinta" Jacinta is a Spanish form of Hyacinth. Death of Hyacinth by Alexander Kiselev. But Hyacinth fell in love with Apollo instead of the other men and divinity. In Greek mythology, Hyacinth was given various parentage, providing local links, as the son of Clio and Pierus, King of Macedon, or of king Oebalus of Sparta, or of king Amyclas, progenitor of the people of Amyclae, dwellers about Sparta. Greek mythology speaks of a beautiful boy called Hyakinthos. Hyacinth: Hyacinthus. Learning that Hyacinth’s love for Apollo is greater than his … The term prob. One day, Apollo was teaching Hyacinthus how … Hyacinth definition is - a precious stone of the ancients sometimes held to be the sapphire. It is transparent and generally red in color, but may be orange or brownish. His cult at Amyclae, where his tomb was located, at the feet of Apollo's statue, dates from the Mycenaean era. Hyacinth originates in Greek language and is taken from the name of a popular garden flowering plant. Flowers & Their Meanings Here’s a list of the flowers and their meanings. Sorrow is the next Hyacinth’s meaning, as it sends a message of sorrow, especially if you pick purple colored flowers. advertisement advertisement Quick MenuInformation About The Name HyakinthosThe Meaning Of The Name HyakinthosStatistics Of The Name HyakinthosThe Picture Of … According to the myth, the hyacinth flowers of the world grew where his blood was spilt onto the ground. Mythology Summary and Analysis of Narcissus; Hyacinth; Adonis Buy Study Guide Narcissus is the most beautiful boy whom many have ever seen, but he does not return anyone’s affections.

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