UK STFC Annual Meeting 2019


Thank you for the organiser for inviting us to attend their annual meeting. We were excited to see UK top-notch scientists coming together in trying to bring advance technological solution making our current food production system more sustainable.

Food and Peace Under COVID-19
Within a matter of weeks, the COVID-19 health crisis has brought on an economic crisis
One-Day Stingless Beekeeping Workshop
Co-organising with Heinrich Boll South East Asia Office, a One-Day Introductory Stingless Beekeeping Workshop.
Sustainable Brand Thailand 2020
Another collaborative effort with World Wide Fund Thailand in supporting the efforts made by Sustainable
Terrace Talk 2020
In a joint effort with Heinrich Boll South East Asia Office, academia experts were invited
Biodynamic Workshop 2019
Gain a lot by this biodynamic workshop.
Publication – Our Work (Chinese)
Visiting Elevated Honey in 2019
I had the pleasure in visiting Katrina and Guoqing in June 2019 seeing first hand
Khun Goon – Our Country Head in Thailand
Under the leadership of Khun Goon, our country partner, customers are able to get the
2019 Beekeeping Workshop, Chiangrai, Thailand
With the kind support from Katrina and Guoqing from Yunnan’s Elevated Honey, we had a