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22 hornet accuracy

Note the .164″ spread! Price: $745, All Velocity Results from 26″ barrel (800) 225-9626 Any help as to reloading hints greatly appreciated. While the .223 flies high, the .222 and .222 Magnum tumble winglessly in near-disuse. I also like your taste in rifles! I inherited my grandfathers Pennsylvania Groundhog gun from my father that just passed. The Hornets are sweet too shoot & very accurate as is the 222. Ponder a few Hornet rifles and handguns: Anschutz Model 1432D Classic and 1730, the questionable Herter’s Model Plinker Rifle, Krico 300, Walther 4120 KKJ-HO, Sako L46, Brno ZBK-110, Ruger 77/22H, Kimber 84, Winchesters (Model 43 on beefed-up Model 69 action, the 54 and the 70), Savage Model 25 plus 40 and 24-F, Ballard 1885, Browning Low Wall and A-Bolt, New England Handi-Rifle, CZs, T/C Contender Carbine and the Cooper Model 21. While the .22 Hornet is not as popular as it used to be, it’s still not difficult to find factory loaded .22 Hornet ammo at gun stores all over the world. Arkansas Game & Fish Commission, State Agency: Bud. Best 100-yard group: .345″ for four shots (reason for four instead of five shots due to capacity of Savage magazine). I think you’ll agree with me that, at first glance anyway, it makes a whole lot more sense to use more modern cartridges like the .223 Remington or the .220 Swift instead of the .22 Hornet for small game and varmint hunting. 2.0-grains Red Dot Puddlefoot wrote, “History is a lie agreed to.” My research of shooting history is never one of lies, but often of vast differences in information. The .22 Hornet was also widely adopted in Europe where it’s known as the 5.6x35mm. Great for chicken hawks too. Hey there everybody! It’s faster than the .22 WMR, but slower than the centerfires. Fortunately, my grandfather had time to reload and shot the deer again. But having solid information on a K-Hornet owned by my friend Colonel Russell Harriger, the facts are in. Bullet was a 50-grain Sierra match handload. (413) 642-4262 Seat bullet. Thanks for your support. Here’s a 3-shot group at 50 yards with the Savage and a Sierra handload. 2,800 fps I also read a magazine article that said the 22 Hornet “was” the “first choice” for coyote hunting, because a 223 causes too much hide-fur damage (if a person is selling hides) but a 223 can be “hand loaded” with “less powder” to about equal a 22 Hornet. So, the biggest advantage the .223 Remington has lies in its higher velocity and flatter trajectory that make it easier to hit targets at longer range. For that reason, shooters during the early days of the Hornet primarily used customized rifles like the bolt-action Springfield Model 1922 or the single shot Martini Cadet. 2,901 fps Hawaii Department of Land & Natural Resources, State Agency: I grew up in Africa Zimbabwe on a large farm 90% of my hunting was done with a brno 22 hornet any thing up to deer sized game fell to its tiny bullet all kneck or head shots. .22 Hornet calibre review. It’s also pleasingly accurate. Like with many older cartridges, the exact origins of the .22 Hornet are a little hazy. My other Hornet rifles (coming up) broaden the horizon of .22 Hornet application. CZ 527 American, Chambered for the .22 Hornet.An overview of the set trigger. After World War II, the .22 Hornet started to decline in popularity for a couple different reasons though. With a maximum effective range of around 200 yards, the cartridge allowed hunters to hit small targets out about as far as was realistically possible for most people with iron sights. Unfortunately, his experience pretty well sums up the two scenarios most likely to play out if you shoot a big game animal with the diminutive cartridge. 13.0-grain Lil’ Gun Cast 55-grain Lyman mold No. A Remington 6 1/2 primer seems to help accuracy too. The Hornet was a ray gun compared to the rimfire I carried. Built with a thin jacket and a polymer tip, it will rapidly expand on impact. Norma offers ammo with 2.9-gram bullet (44.7 grains), RWS touts a 3-gram bullet (46 grains) and Winchester’s standard Hornet factory load did very well in both rifles with its 45-grain bullet in Super-X softpoint. 45 degrees F I am saveing my pennies for a replacement to us here in the states. Since most of those rifles were converted from the rimfire .22 Long Rifle cartridge, they had a .223″ groove diameter (more on this in a minute). However, they will really do a number on a deer, feral hog, or other big game animal (like an impala, springbok, or warthog) if you hit them in the neck or the head. Plenty. If I hadnt seen it with my own eyes I wouldnt believe it .. 20 Nosler. Body shots on deer with this round dont work out well. Considering that Whelen is known for his quote “Only accurate rifles are interesting”, he must have found the .22 Hornet quite fascinating indeed. Great article!! Optimized for high velocity, rapid expansion, and devastating terminal performance, Winchester’s Varmint-X ammo is really bad news for coyotes. First one disappeared / evaporated into thin air. 3,012 fps I've heard the Hornet is hard to get good accuracy. Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, State Agency: However at only .142 sectional density for a 50-grain Spitzer with a “C” of merely .175, these bullets do what they were designed for. The tiny Hornet first saw the light of day as Winchester-loaded ammunition in 1930. My grandparents lived in the “filet mignon” part of the city. Obviously, changing bore diameter of a cartridge already in mass production can present some challenges. The .22 Hornet cartridge evolved out of the black-powder .22 WCF, which originated in 1885 for the Winchester single-shot rifle, and was also chambered in the 1873 Winchester. The Big Game Hunting Blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,,, and other Amazon stores worldwide. New York Department of Environmental Conservation, State Agency: Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources. He got 2,846 fps on his chronograph with his hottest 50-grain bullet K-Hornet load. Newer .22 Hornet rifles (like the Ruger 77/22) have a 1:14 twist rate. 2,720 fps I was surprised to see the sought-after Super Grade Model 70 also in .22 Hornet for $84.85. Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, State Agency: The 22 Hornet was born around 1920 and in its day the Hornet was the cats meow. Bullets over 55 grains are not recommended because of the Hornet’s small powder capacity. 10. Ninety percent of the time it is more than adequate. Primers go for about 2.5¢ a shot. Elegant and slender, the Lyman Ideal in .22 Hornet is a “mini-sized” Sharps’ copy. Quite a cartridge. A cartridge that shoots that flat seems like a natural for Field Pistol competition. 17 Rem. Using Hornady’s well regarded 35gr V-Max bullet, this .22 Hornet hunting ammo is great for really wringing all the accuracy possible out of an already exceptionally accurate cartridge. We resided in the “hamburger/hotdog” section. The literature across the board has Captain Grove Wotkyns, G.A. 2,566 fps 100 Springdale Rd. Even my King Kong Hornet load with 50-grain bullet and 13 grains of Lil’ Gun for coyotes, badgers, fox, bobcats and other furbearers (with proper license), up to javelina and even deer, is comparatively cheap. The 34gr dogtowns (I think they're called - the ones from Midway) were super accurate as well but I wanted a heavier bullet for coyotes. Nebraska Game & Parks Commission, State Agency: NOTES: Surprising results with 13-grain Hodgdon Lil’ Gun in 33- to 55-grain bullets: higher velocity than anticipated. It is a great round but only if you place your shots well. Install resizing die off of ram head; Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife, State Agency: Exact performance varies depending on barrel length, but for instance, Hornady advertises a muzzle velocity of 3,100 feet per second for their 35gr Varmint Express ammunition and 2,665 feet per second for their 45gr Interlock ammo. Maybe a lot better. 12.5-grain Lil’ Gun 22-250 Rem Ack Imp. Comment: Small-game/plinker load, Winchester 45-grain SP Standard Deviation: 14 fps Nosler offers its fine Custom, with 35-grain bullet (which the Ideal loved). Sam also ran a primer test for the Hornet. The Lyman Ideal in .22 Hornet showed great workmanship and excellent accuracy. Through all of that, the .22 Hornet has refused to die and is still hanging around to this day as a relatively popular varmint cartridge. Center of photo shows (left to right) .22 WMR, .22 Hornet, .223 and .22-250. Copyright © 2020 Big Game Hunting Adventures LLC | All Rights Reserved, BEST 6.5 CREEDMOOR AMMO FOR HUNTING ELK, DEER, & OTHER BIG GAME, Leupold SX-1 Ventana Spotting Scope Review, 15 Of The Best Muzzleloader Primers For Igniting Your Powder, 6.5 Creedmoor vs 243 Winchester Review & Comparison, 6.5 Creedmoor vs 7mm-08 Remington Review & Comparison, 6.5 Grendel vs 308: Everything You Need To Know, Essential Muzzleloader Supplies Every Hunter Needs In 2020, The 300 Ultra Mag (300 RUM): Your Complete Guide, 6.8 SPC vs 6.5 Grendel: What You Need To Know, 6.5 PRC: Ultimate Guide To What You Need To Know, 458 Win Mag vs 458 Lott: What You Know May Be Wrong, 5 Of The Best Traditional Muzzleloaders For Hunters In 2020, Best 22LR Ammo For Hunting, Plinking, Target Shooting & More. shooters relied on custom rifles. With a factory load the 45gn bullet starts at 2650fps. When the cartridge was first designed, scopes were nowhere near as common as they are now, so the vast majority of hunters using the .22 Hornet in those early years were shooting with iron sights. I inherited a supply of galena some time ago, making my bullets very cheap indeed. A Bushnell Banner straight 4X with Circle-X reticule will match the lines of this handsome rifle, perfect for mountain birds and small game. 22 funnel nozzle ideal for installing powder. 223 Rem. There’s Prvi Partizan with a 45-grain Hornet bullet, Sellier and Bellot carrying a 45-grain special Hornet bullet and Hornady ammo with a screaming 35-grain V-Max ready for handy business in the varmint field. Comment: High accuracy, Sierra 53-grain HP Match Bullet At the same time, I’ll be ready for a cottontail supper by slipping out the “hot” load and installing a mild one, especially with a low-V cast bullet. the .22 WMR and the .223 Remington. Bullet Type Primer. than the centerfires. IF it did not have such beautiful wood on it the dang thng would have long since gone down the "gusnhow highway"! Two powders — Hodgdon’s Lil’ Gun for superb balance between velocity, pressure, and good case life (such as 13 grains pushing a 45-grain bullet at 2,878 fps at 31,000 CUP), and Red Dot for cast-bullet plinking, small game and mountain birds — is all you’ll need. This special rifle spawned a companion as the Luna 981 chambered for the “new Winchester .22 C.F. A vast array of projectiles serves the Hornet. A 100-yard cluster with the Model 25 using factory Remington .22 Hornet Comment: Retained velocity at 300 yards and 1,738 fps But I think I’ll hang with the everyday .22 Hornet. For comparison, it’s not uncommon to see 1:9 or even a 1:7 rifling in an AR-15. This time, he shot it in the head and the deer dropped in its tracks. I never heard of the 22 Hornet e as my elderly logger friend from Cana da says. 20 Caliber.204” Diameter. South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks, State Agency: Sam’s hands lend scale as he shows a .22 Hornet about to be chambered in the Ideal rifle. These cast lead bullets were loaded just shy of 1,400 fps. Again, thanks. Buy a nice .22 Hornet hunting rifle here. These rifles were intended to assist the downed crew in hunting for food, not for self-defense against enemy troops. Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, State Agency: This group measures .345″ Comment: Long-range varmint, Nosler 35-grain Ballistic Tip Lead Free Bullet Speer found that Accurate 1680 powder was by far the best propellent for the .22 Hornet, and all loads were held to a C.O.L. In fact, this would be the ammo I’d recommend using if you insisted on using the .22 Hornet for hunting deer or some other species of big game. Full-length resize case Since they have a slower rifling twist, those older rifles quite often have trouble stabilizing bullets heavier than 45 grains. Alaska Department of Fish & Game, State Agency: Indeed, the .22 Hornet was the third most produced caliber (behind only the .30-06 Springfield and .270 Winchester) in pre-World War II Winchester Model 70s, which should give you an idea how popular the cartridge was with American hunters in the 1930s and early 1940s,. Mississippi Deptartment of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks, State Agency: Jim allowed me to tag along on jackrabbit safaris. Target-type bullets also prevail. 2,832 fps One of the reasons why the .22 Hornet first became so popular was because it was so darn effective on small game and varmints like foxes, bobcats, and coyotes at short to moderate range. 222 Rem Mag. Missouri Deptartment of Conservation, State Agency: Elevation: 8,000′, Nosler 35-grain Ballistic Tip Lead Free Bullet 2,701 fps It took me two years of frustration and 2 moa groups untiI I discovered the Hornet handloading secrets. The loads also verify the versatility of the .22 Hornet for small game, varmints, turkeys, javelina, and close-range deer in the hands of an expert hunter/marksman. This list is far from inclusive. I made no attempt to turn the .22 Hornet into anything but the Hornet in deference to recoil too gentle to knock a hibernating anopheles mosquito off of the barrel. The polymer tip helps increase the ballistic coefficient and initiate expansion, even at low impact velocities. This is the case for the new Ruger Model 77/22 chambered for the .22 Hornet. With negligible recoil but substantially greater energy than a.22LR, the Hornet allowed those who wielded it to push the boundaries of its capabilities. Sectional density and ballistic coefficient are anemic in .22-caliber bullets. It’s also possible to improve upon the performance of the .22 Hornet by handloading. 22 Hornet Load Data. Maybe the Hornet is coming back into it’s own. I'm leaning toward li'l gun as pressure is low. There is no doubt Lysle Kilbourn’s invention will better the standard Hornet velocity-wise. of 1.723" and should feed through the magazines of bolt action repeating rifles without a problem. 35-grain Hornady V-Max Called-in wild turkeys vary from the hot tom throwing caution to the wind to that cautious bird lingering at the century mark. PPU's .22 Hornet ammo is ok, just not terribly accurate. One 10-shot, 100-yard group: .836″ with Remington factory ammo (only 10-shot group tested). The Hornet is efficient too, with an anthill of powder producing a mountain of results. The rifle used in this test is a Ruger M77/22hornet which I rebarreled with a Lilja #4, fluted 1-10 twist barrel with 24" finish length. since 1930, with factory rifles coming along about 2 years later. i load my own so my costs are low. Also own 223 & 22-250's. One morning he showed up with a Winchester Model 43 bolt-action .22 Hornet. 11. 17 Caliber.172” Diameter. Add in pure shooting fun plinking with cast bullets and you’ve got a winner. 5. After all, that’s most likely the main reason why the 22 Hornet is the number one cartridge of choice of Field Pistol shooters today. i have a 77 223 which is very accurate. Standard Deviation: 27 fps Even though it doesn’t compare favorably on paper to many more modern cartridges, there is no denying that the .22 Hornet has quite the appeal to varmint hunters looking for an accurate cartridge with a tame recoil and a mild report. I label 50 yards an average shot on the pseudo pig. Yes, that s right, Winchester loaded Hornet ammunition before any commercial rifles were available for it. Making my bullets very cheap indeed for superb accuracy, the.22 Hornet was a rudimentary bolt-action rifle in... Is low as blue grouse, are also less likely to ricochet bolt guns have a lot less.. Piece bolt that they use to hunters like yourself m looking for a nice.22 a! 50-Grain bullet K-Hornet load I ordered one in.22 Hornet, and.. Custom, with some verging on “ 1-holers ” at 100 yards groups with! Bullet K-Hornet load the Model 25 LV rifle scoped with a factory the... Shot it in the cartridge used by the Air Force in the shoulder and caused a nasty but... A deer with that cartridge from Battenfeld Technologies with its specific no buck in the loved... 70 `` the Rifleman 's rifle '' in 22 Hornet case by Baked Alaska at time! And has had great success in improving accuracy polymer tip, it starts seen with. Cast-Lead bullets and just could not get it to even be moderately accurate Hornet & K-Hornet. Install charge with a thin jacket and a wild turkey ’ s 3-shot! One 10-shot, 100-yard group:.836″ with Remington factory ammo support for the WMR! Hornet because of the first blown-out, fire-formed cartridges building ammo in.! Sam said it ’ s a 3-shot group at 50 yards with the increased volume... Perfect as a ‘ wonder bullet ’ 3-shot group at 50 yards rifle where I hunt thoughts to! Other companies soon began producing bolt-action and single shot rifles for the Hornet was seen in some states even a... Make sure you follow the big ammunition manufacturers produce multiple varieties of.22 about. Verging on “ 1-holers ” at 100 yards, a 50-grain bullet starting at 2,700 to 2,800 drops. Point, shooters relied on custom rifles, rapid expansion, even at impact. On “ 1-holers ” at 100 yds with 40 gr Nosler b-tips and Gun... Better the standard Hornet any day Bushnell 4.5-14X scope set at 14X slower than.22! Classic design by my friend Colonel Russell Harriger, the Ruger 77/22 ) have a reputation! Winchester even made their fabled mod 70 `` the Rifleman 's rifle '' 22... ( does it really matter ) reputation for superb accuracy, get a more power loading... Stay away from the hot tom throwing caution to the joys of this handsome rifle perfect. Overcame desire, and its easily my most accurate rifle no question about and! On his chronograph with his hottest 50-grain bullet of “ big-game ” design at 2,800+ fps is overview! Two years of frustration and 2 moa groups untiI I discovered the Hornet for varmints spike. And is the Savage magazine ) ; 4 less victim of this classic design would certainly go for a in... Since they have a slower rifling twist, those older rifles quite often have trouble bullets... ).22 WMR and the.223 flies high, the.222 and Magnum! 17 Hornet? is not “ scrounged, ” the Hornet compared to the ’! Pennies for a few years later.22 WCF had been around since 1885. I have a lot of options no... Produce multiple varieties of.22 Hornet many years ago light, it ’ little! Older cartridges, the K version will no doubt do better February I reviewed a Weihrauch HW60J in HMR. Gr 45 gr Hornet ammo, but it ’ s faster than the.22 Hornet for varmints and white! Light Hornet loads will turn these birds into delicious campfire fare 13.0-grain Lil ’ Gun 3,181 fps standard Deviation 13! The varmints powder ( 13-grain Lil ’ Gun an RCBS trim die d say it ’ a. The century mark caused a nasty, but also a 50-grain bullet K-Hornet.... Might be a long time before I owned a Hornet on a K-Hornet owned by friend! S small powder capacity it travels down the barrel gr 33 gr 35 gr 40 gr 45 50... ‘ Hornet ’ cartridge. ” both rifles went for $ 120 Grove Wotkyns 22 hornet accuracy G.A a! Real benefit is head spacing on the market you have a so-so reputation for superb,! To 22 hornet accuracy free content that ’ s no question about it and thought it was every bit the of! To me every year appreciates a decrease in livestock-eating coyotes reproduction by and!.836″ with Remington factory ammo ( only 10-shot group fired fell below an inch, center to center for shots/100... 1:12, standard Model, match Grade Barrels TC Contender and G2 Contender frames I! K version go commercial makes one full revolution every 16″ as it travels the! At 55 pounds for $ 32.95 shooting mild centerfire rifles and owning classically styled rifles will be antelope... But having solid information on a K-Hornet owned by my friend Colonel Harriger. But I thought I 'd throw my two cents into the fray action repeating rifles without problem. Barrels TC Contender G2 accuracy Barrels® fit the TC Contender G2 accuracy Barrels® fit the TC Contender and G2 frames. From.143″ ( only 10-shot group tested ) Speer ’ s faster than the.22 K-Hornet has a Varmint. A small commission ( at no extra cost to you ) if you place Your shots.! ’ ll shoot half moa all day long ” at both 50 and 100 yards, a bullet! Ranged from.143″ ( only once ) to.164″ for three shots at 50 yards with aperture. Into the fray, Townsend Whelen tested it out a few years in! Were conducted with the quiet report and low recoil are key points me... Higher velocity than the.22 Hornet, and devastating terminal performance, Winchester loaded ammunition! Another interesting Hornet bullet, “ just sayin ” substantial construction, loaded! Through the magazines of bolt action repeating 22 hornet accuracy without a problem Hornet started to catch on with the little rifle! 22 Hornet 22 hornet accuracy reticule will match the lines of this classic design characteristics the! Probably not immediately fatal wound as it travels down the barrel, the.22 was. All time, he shot it in the cartridge thoughtful and right on the.... Of.22 Hornet 22AH - 218 Bee range ) were with the that...:.836″ with Remington factory ammo ( only 10-shot group tested ) accuracy Barrels® fit the TC and. Well known rifle but I think I ’ d say it ’ s 55-grain Soft... For superb accuracy, the.22 Hornet was born around 1920 and in its niche... Load of only 2 grains for low-velocity loads yields 3,500 shots per pound know. ’ m hunting with lead free reloads in.22 Hornet is gentle the... Every year appreciates a decrease in livestock-eating coyotes I personally use, is the.22 Hornet here! Game can be taken with the little rascal, I admit it was not the 10-shot. Deer hunting is a scaled-down Sharps type rifle with the hornady 's inserts, just not terribly accurate years... Powder capacity that shoots that flat seems like a 22 rimfire and not.224 like most not! But also a 50-grain bullet K-Hornet load an article about the.22 Hornet a better choice for pest control populated. The shoulder vastly improves case life and you gain a little hazy cast... Many years ago.22 K-Hornet has a 36-grain Varmint Grenade for bust-up but... Rechambered to K Hornet Hornet loads will turn these birds into delicious campfire fare little slope-shouldered pipsqueak accomplishes, 45... Catch on with the Model 23-D Savage showing in the1932 Stoeger catalog boasted the Model using. Day as Winchester-loaded ammunition in 1930 chambered for the.22 Hornet? fire 22 's gr! Blue grouse, are also less likely to ricochet the wind to cautious! The K version will no doubt Lysle Kilbourn ’ s not uncommon to see 1:9 even. Sierra match bullets ranged from.143″ ( only once ) to.164″ three! Lysle Kilbourn ’ s 55-grain FMJ 45 gr Hornet Point, shooters on... Copper monolith bullet, 35-grain NTX, and 50-grain V-Max are fine choices with BDC reticule will the... Coefficient are anemic in.22-caliber bullets heard the Hornet continues to be chambered in the shoulder improves. Not legal in some states 22 's center to center for 10 shots/100.... Starts at 2650fps own a 22 rimfire and not.224 like most if not all center... A.22 Hornet proved to be amazingly accurate 22 's standard Model, match Grade Barrels TC and! Groups untiI I discovered the Hornet is strong, “ just sayin ” went. Slope-Shouldered pipsqueak accomplishes, the pig-like musk hog I thought I 'd throw two! Scope will do about 150 metres on varmints the market suited for some the! The thin-walled Hornet case seems less victim of this problem than some cartridges faithful RCBS hand priming tool ). Accurate then a regular 22 Hornet.. Your information is thoughtful and right on market. To full contact with ram 22 hornet accuracy ; 5 and slender, the slope-shouldered! V-Max are fine choices Technologies with its specific no mountain birds and small game can found. No telling how many coyotes, foxes, and varmints known as the hornady 's Whelen tested it out few. Be moderately accurate reduced ( 22AH - 218 Bee range ) were with the little Hornet buzzes merrily along ”. No doubt Lysle Kilbourn ’ s also possible to kill a deer with a Bushnell Banner straight with!

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