Pro-bono legal support

Thomson Reuters Foundation ( have officially accepted GO Organics into their pro-bono servicing network. Now we are able to make sure we have the legal structure for further development meeting our predetermined mission.

Visiting farming community in Lamphun

It’s always encouraging seeing farmers who are able to support each other forming an organic supplier cooperative.

Uncle Choke Bamboo Workshop 2018

Spending 5 full day at Thailand’s Uncle Choke forestry farm learning the basic of bamboo cultivation is really mind opening.  Bamboo is indeed a versatile plant for regenerative agriculture.

Visit – GO Organics Japan

We had the pleasure of visiting Fukuoka Japan meeting up GO Organics Japan on September 2016.  Very inspiring and pleasure trip.

Meeting with local farmers

With the support of IFOAM, we share with the farmers the purpose and the possible need for having certification. Rather looking for a third party certification process, we encourage them in working as a group towards a Participatory Guarantee Scheme (PGS).

Visting Sri Lanka

The field visit to Sri Lanka was amazing! We shared and gained a lot at the visit.